Faith Formation

Rose Strohmaier, Parish Catechetical Leader, (908) 303-9692

Faith Formation Office is located in the School Building

   First Session: 4:15PM – 5:30PM Communion I through Year 4 
  Second Session: 6:30PM – 8:00PM: Year 5 through Confirmation II


     Formation of faith begins at Baptism and ends when we meet Christ. For children, this primarily takes place in the home where parents nurture the faith by model, Mass and sacraments. The Faith Formation Program supports parents throughout the life of children from ages 6 through17. Once Confirmation is received, the child is no longer seen as a child, but as an adult in the eyes of the God and His Church. There is no structured faith formation after Confirmation as every adult will nurture grow in faith individually. The parents along with the Confirmation Sponsor continue to offer guidance and counsel as the young Catholic adult continues to grow in his/her faith.
     Within the faith formation program there are years of sacrament preparation. Preparation takes two years for both Communion and Confirmation. For children properly formed in the faith, Communion Preparation typically takes place between the ages of 6 through 8. In the event children are older and requesting Communion, they will be placed in a Religion Readiness session so they may grow in understanding of faith and begin a relationship with Jesus. Once children have participated fully in readiness and are properly formed, they may begin sacrament preparation for Confirmation. This takes 2 years.

¿Qué es la formación en la fe?

     La formación de la fe comienza con el Bautismo y termina con el encuentro con Cristo. En el caso de los niños, esto se lleva a cabo principalmente en el hogar, donde los padres alimentan la fe mediante el modelo, la misa y los sacramentos. El Programa de Formación en la Fe apoya a los padres a lo largo de la vida de los niños desde los 6 hasta los 17 años. Una vez recibida la Confirmación, el niño ya no es visto como un niño, sino como un adulto a los ojos de Dios y de Su Iglesia. No hay una formación estructurada en la fe después de la Confirmación, como todo adulto nutrirá y crecer en la fe individualmente. Los padres, junto con el Padrino de Confirmación, continúan ofreciendo orientación y consejo a medida que el joven adulto católico continúa creciendo en su fe.
     Dentro del programa de formación en la fe hay años de preparación sacramental. La preparación dura dos años tanto para la Comunión como para la Confirmación. Para los niños debidamente formados en la fe, la preparación para la Comunión generalmente se lleva a cabo entre las edades de 6 a 8 años. En el caso de que los niños sean mayores y soliciten la Comunión, se les colocará en una sesión de Preparación Religiosa para que puedan crecer en la comprensión de la fe y comenzar una relación con Jesú Una vez que los niños hayan participado plenamente en la preparación y estén debidamente formados, pueden comenzar la preparación sacramental para la Confirmación. Esto tarda 2 años. 


For Information Text Mrs. Rose  908-303-9692

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MASS HOSTING–Four times during the Faith Formation Year, each Catechist is responsible for hosting 10am Sunday Mass with his/her children. The Catechist plans for readers, servers, ushers, gifts, etc.

As a part of the Faith Formation Family, the children are to arrive to their assigned Mass at 9:50am, sit with their class and fully participate in the celebration of Mass. The dates are clearly stated on the calendar. Thank you for adjusting your schedule to be sure your child is at Mass on those four Sundays. 

2023-2024 Handbooks

Handbooks are adapted and modified from: St. Mary’s of the Immaculate Conception, Portage, Wisconsin

Service Response Project

Altar Serving Response Form

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General Parent Handbook

Thirty-seven Ideas for Service Projects:

Craft, Cook, and Create

1. Take a meal to a widow, homebound member, single mom, or recent divorcee in your church or community.

2. Bake goodies, such as cupcakes, and deliver them to your local police or fire station.

3. Pack shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

4. Write letters or send cards to missionaries. Call the office for contact info.

5. Gather together to assemble no-sew fleece blankets for a local children’s home or women’s shelter. Shelter lications found in the handbook.)

6. Knit or crochet prayer shawls and lap blankets for church members and friends that are facing health challenges.

7. Sew some pillowcase dresses for children in another country.

8. Cut out shoes for Sole Hopean

9. Put together and distribute homeless bags.

10. Host a sandwich making party and pass them out to the homeless in Phillipsburg or give to the Assumption Food Pantry.

11. Fill a freezer with meals for a new mom in your neighborhood.

12. Create birthday bags for your Assumption food pantry (birthday cake, hats, candles, balloons)

13. Paint and decorate the teacher’s classroom before the start of school.

14. Create a garden on the church grounds.

15. Provide a meal for families at your local Ronald McDonald House.

Random Acts of Kindness

16. Deliver bags of groceries, firewood, or gift cards to a local family in need.

17. Tape quarters or dollar bills to the vending machines in the waiting room of your local hospital.

18. Leave quarters and washing detergent in local laundromats around town.

19. Pass out water bottles to construction workers on a hot day.

23. Leave bottles of bubbles at the park for families to use. Add bible scripture cards to the bottles or an invitation to come to Mass.

24. If you have a pool, host a pool party for kids who have no where to swim.

25. Purchase coloring books and crayons and leave them in hospital waiting rooms.

26 Work a shift at the local soup kitchen.

27. Find a local field or farm that allows you pick vegetables.

28. Clean the home of an elderly person or homebound member of your church or community.

29. Take care of some yard work or handyman chores for one of the widows in your church or community.

29. Volunteer to complete tutor for a child younger than you.

30. Visit a nursing home and play a game with a resident.

31. Christmas carol at a nursing home or children’s hospital.

32. Cheer at a Special Olympics or special needs sports event.

33.  Plan a Habitat for Humanity workday with your parents.

34. Clean the roadside – your family can select an area in Hackettstown to keep clean.

35. Help with landscaping to church.

36. Call the office and inquire about shut-ins. You and your parents csn plan a visit to their home and bring them something nice to eat.

37. Organize a clothing drive.

38. Give free computer lessons to an adult.

39. Host a free dog wash.

40. Along with your peers, host a bake sale for Assumption Parish

Pilgrimage Mama Mary–Does your family desire to spend a special week with Mary?

On Sundays at 10AM Mass, our Pilgrimage Statue of Mary will be sent home with a Faith Formation Family to venerate for the week. She will be returned the following Sunday to be gifted to another family for the week. There is a sign up sheet outside the Faith Formation Office in the school for all who wish to participate in the opportunity to have this beautiful and blessed statue of Mary in their home.


On Sundays at 10AM Mass, our Pilgrimage Statue of Mary will be sent home with a Faith Formation Family to venerate for the week. She will be returned the following Sunday to be gifted to another family for the week. There is a sign up sheet outside the Faith Formation Office in the school for all who wish to participate in the opportunity to have this beautiful and blessed statue of Mary in their home.

There are a variety of ways you are able to use your gifts and talents in the Faith Formation Program. Once you have been Confirmed you are able to volunteer, including teens! Contact Rose Strohmaier, 908-303-9692 for info. Thanks! 



      • Solemnity of Mary, January 1
      • Ascension of Jesus, May 26 — Celebrated on the sixth Thursday after Easter Sunday
      • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15
      • Solemnity of All Saints, November 1
      • Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, December 8
      • Christmas Day, December 25

Your child’s faith development ultimately depends on the sharing of your faith with them by going to Mass on Sundays, Holy Days of Obligation and living Christian values at home. It is through your efforts, example and personal relationship with God, more than anything else, that your children will come to know Jesus and grow in love and faith. We thank you for allowing us to support you in this process. We look forward to working with you and your children.

RCIA-Adult Education
RCIA stands for “Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults”. It is a program run by adult members of the parish. RCIA requires a modest commitment in time but we think you will find the process a lot easier than you might expect. In addition, we have found that everyone who becomes involved, young or old, highly religious or moderately so, finds it to be a wonderful experience. An invitation is extended to

  1. Those who are unbaptized.
  2. Those baptized in the Catholic Church who have not received the sacraments of Eucharist and/or Confirmation.
  3. Those baptized in another Christian Church who are interested in learning more about the Catholic Church.
    There are many reasons for wanting to learn more about the Catholic Church. The good news is that the Catholic Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish has an excellent program for you. Classes meet weekly, every Sunday after the 9:00 am Mass from September through Pentecost.  How do I join and what does RCIA involve? Signing up is easy. Just contact Deacon Walter Pidgeon, our Director of the RCIA process, by calling the parish office or email us at